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Are you tired of using lukewarm water for showers and washing? Your hot water heater has likely failed in some way and requires some help. Not all water heater issues can be fixed by the homeowner. Sometimes a certified professional should be called to make the repair.

1. Breaker and Pilot Light Problems

A tripped breaker can stop the heating process. Flip the breaker back into place, and wait for the tank to warm the water. If this temporarily solves the problem but the breaker trips on later, call a service technician. Repeated breaker trips are an indication of other problems hiding in your unit.

In gas-fed units, pilot lights can blow out because of dirt buildup, a draft or both. When the unit isn’t cleaned and maintained regularly, it can get dirty and refuse to stay lit. For your protection, schedule a professional to relight the burner and check for unseen problems.

2. Thermostat Issues

Winter temperatures may require you to make a thermostat adjustment on your water heater. Depending on where the appliance is located, slightly raising the thermostat setting can turn warm water into hot water. A thermostat can be located behind layers of insulation and access panels or within easy reach. If access is difficult, you’ll want assistance from a qualified technician to safely adjust it.

IT Landes hires trained plumbers and offers 24-hour emergency repair services in Harleysville. We’re available to make the right repair on electric, gas and tankless water heaters.

3. Faulty Parts

Whether it’s from a lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear, all water heaters eventually fail. Worn heating elements, thermal switches, thermostats and other parts can be replaced to extend the life of the appliance. Annual flushing will improve overall performance.

Do you have a leaky shower or clogged toilet? IT Landes has qualified plumbers ready to serve your needs in Harleysville. We’re an employee-owned company and fully licensed and insured to work in your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We provide heating, cooling and plumbing services.

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