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To get the most out of your AC and heating systems, it is important to have an airtight house. Any sort of cracks or leaks can let air escape or enter the house, making the temperature less pleasant. If you want to see if you have air leaks, then try following these steps.

Look Around Doors and Window Frames

Check around all your doors and windows to find out if there are any gaps. If a gap is big enough to pull a piece of paper through while the door or window is closed, then air is leaking out.

Keep Track of Your Utility Bills

Usually, Harleysville residents who use IT Landes to maintain their HVAC systems end up with systems that run as efficiently as possible. However, residents with air leaks may notice that their utility bills are still abnormally high. This happens because the HVAC system has to run more to maintain temperatures.

Check Problem Areas for Cracks

Many air leaks are small cracks along the exterior parts of your home. Look for any cracks along chimney shafts, exterior walls, foundations, floors, ceilings, or recessed lights. You can try holding a piece of tissue paper in front of these areas to conduct the paper test. If the paper moves, then there is a draft that is caused by an air leak.

Run an Energy Audit

A professional energy efficiency test will see how airtight your home is. This will let you learn about any cracks that have escaped your notice. Furthermore, it can give you tips on how to adjust insulation or sealant to deal with cracks.

For help making your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible, use the maintenance services offered by IT Landes in the Harleysville area. Our talented technicians are comfortable working on a variety of heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.

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