Ductless Heating and Cooling for Single Rooms Near Harleysville, PA

Problem Room? Meet the Solution.

Ductless can be a great whole-home solution, but sometimes you just need a single zone of heating or air conditioning.

Carrier® ductless single-zone systems are the perfect solution for spaces without ductwork. They also work well in areas that conventional heating or cooling systems either can’t reach or don’t adequately keep warm and cool.

Hot and Cold Spots

Heat rises and cool air settles. The lower portion of homes are often a different temperature than the upper portion. Likewise, the direction your home faces can create natural temperature differentials. And, hot and cold spots in your home can result from design features, like:

Large Glas Exposure

Carrier Ductless Open Kitchen Harleysville PA

Cathedral Ceilings

Carrier Ductless Attic Harleysville PA


Carrier Ductless Single-Zone Harleysville PA

The One Heating and Cooling Solution to Rule Them All

A single zone ductless system is the most efficient and effective way to add year round comfort to some of the most common problems rooms; basements, sunrooms, additions and more…

ductless air conditioner
Carrier Ductless Family Room Harleysville PA

Additions and Renovations

Carrier® ductless systems can be integrated easily into new construction, especially since they don’t require any existing ductwork. Low maintenance ductless doesn’t require special accommodations for additional space between walls or above ceilings.

Attics and Basements

Rooms with tight spaces and/or hard-to-control temperatures is where ductless shines! The Carrier® Inverter allows the system to run longer cycles at lower fan speeds, which helps dehumidify the room while cooling. Less humidity = more comfort; even at higher temperatures, like in attics – and better comfort control in low natural-light conditions, like in basements.

Carrier Ductless Basement Harleysville PA
Carrier Ductless Garage Harleysville PA


Garages and sheds aren’t always connected to a home’s HVAC system. Some aren’t even connected to the house itself. Ductless is great for compact spaces and keeps them comfortable all year.


The large glass exposures make sunrooms tricky to heat and cool properly, especially with a conventional system. A dedicated system like ductless is a great way to enjoy one of the nicest rooms in your home during any season.

Carrier Ductless Sunroom Harleysville PA

Fix That Problem Room Once and for All

Let IT Landes add much-needed comfort to your additional space. A single-zone ductless installation is so simple that, in most cases, it can be done in less than a day.

Download the product guide below to learn more about Carrier® ductless. Or, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss and assess your situation.

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