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How Does a Water Softener System Work?

Water softeners are electrical appliances that remove minerals from hard water. Without a water softener, a homeowner will have challenges with scum in the bathroom and kitchen, damaged appliances, and dry hair and skin. The United States Geological Survey estimates…

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How to Winterize House Plumbing

The winter weather can be too harsh on the plumbing systems, and when neglected, your pipes might freeze. As a result, the pipes can burst, resulting in catastrophic water damage and costly repairs. It's therefore essential to have your home…

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Low Water Pressure

Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

The average water pressure at your home's inlet valve should be somewhere between 40-50 psi. When you get used to normal water pressure, it becomes pretty easy to notice even the slightest drop in the pressure. Water pressure issues can…

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10 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Do you suspect that your home is suffering from a plumbing emergency? Don’t panic! IT Landes has kept Harleysville-area plumbing systems up and running since 1929, which means we’ve seen just about every kind of plumbing emergency imaginable. Here are…

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Sump Pump 101

Sump Pumps 101

To protect your belongings and keep your basement dry, it’s important to have a sump pump that you can rely on to pump water efficiently and effectively out of your home. To help you choose the right sump pump, know…

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