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Plumbing Systems for Your Business

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Whether we’re designing a plumbing system for a new building or adding a restroom to an existing facility, IT Landes has the experience to meet your needs and the equipment and manpower required to meet tight construction deadlines.

Our design/build approach to commercial plumbing installations ensures that the systems you need are in place for the long term.

We control the process from start to finish, bringing a higher level of reliability and quality to our plumbing systems and installation than many other mechanical contractors. We even have the ability to pre-fabricate piping assemblies for fixture groups (off-site) when it is necessary. This helps us meet tight schedules. We build to spec and install for performance.

Water saving yet effective use of low-flow fixtures reduces long term water bills and help the environment. We offer innovative and efficient means for heating domestic water which such as geothermal or on-demand water heaters. Domestic hot water re-circulation loops can be provided and provide precise temperature control for user safety.

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