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Routine Maintenance

Protect Valuable Uptime with Routine Maintenance from IT Landes®

When your complex HVAC or plumbing systems operate without proper care, efficiency is lost, energy costs increase, and failure becomes a threat to productivity and uptime. Routine maintenance keeps equipment and systems operating reliably and efficiently by following a year-round plan that blends proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. By being proactive, routine maintenance addresses potential operating issues before they lead to costly failure. The result is longer equipment life and dependable uptime at a significantly reduced cost compared to maintaining and repairing equipment as problems occur.

IT Landes® Routine Maintenance includes:

Yearly plan and advance schedule

Repair tracking

Remote field service capabilities

Customer priority

Guaranteed emergency response


Equipment Benefits:

Maximized equipment life

Increased efficiency, reduced energy use

Improved reliability and uptime

Lower overall operating costs through fewer repairs

Predictive repairs

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