Ductless AC and Heat Fixes Four-Season Room in Barto, PA Colonial
Ductless Mini-Split Installation Barto PA

The owners of a colonial home in Barto, PA called IT Landes about a problem with their four-season room.

The problem? It was only comfortable for about two months out of the year!

Now, thanks to a new ductless AC and heat mini-split system, their entire first floor is truly comfortable all year-round. 

Colonial homes and four-season rooms in Barto, PA

There are lots of lovely colonial homes like this one in Barto, PA. 

Sometimes, however, homeowners find that certain parts of their homes are too hot or too cold for comfort.

Attics, basements, rooms over the garage, and sunrooms are often too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter, leaving one of the best rooms of the home unused for significant portions of the year.

In this case study, we’ll look at: 

Common HVAC problems in colonial homes

  • How a ductless mini-split system works
  • Installing a system in this Barto, PA home
  • How ductless AC and heat saves you money

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split InstallationProblem: A colonial home had heating and cooling problems on the first floor, especially in the four seasons room. The homeowners were looking for additional comfort that wouldn’t break the bank to operate.

Solution: A Carrier three-zone ductless heating and air conditioning system makes sure this home is comfortable every day of the year. And, its additional efficiency reduces energy bills year-round.

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation

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Heating and cooling challenges in a colonial home

We mentioned how colonial homes in Barto, PA often have similar heating and cooling problems. When our Comfort Consultant went out to look at this home, he knew right away what the problem was.

The homeowners were heating the home with an old electric baseboard system. Sure, there are some advantages to this. In a home like this, with no ductwork, baseboard heat lets you address the heat in each room in the house separately.

But, the heat isn’t always consistent. 

And, baseboard heaters require annual cleaning and upkeep. When the registers become dirty, you get even less warmth in those problem rooms. 

Since this home didn’t have ductwork, it also didn’t have central air conditioning. Our homeowners relied on fans and window air conditioners to keep cool in the summer.  

This was especially noticeable in their four-season room. 

This addition to the home didn’t have any baseboard heat like the other rooms. That meant it got cold quickly in the winter and eventually became too cold to use by Thanksgiving.

In the heat of the summer, the ceiling fan only moved the hot air around. It did little to make the room comfortable.

The baseboard heat and window air conditioners meant our homeowners had high energy bills most of the year, and they still weren’t comfortable all the time.

With a Carrier ductless mini-split system, we knew we would finally give them the kind of comfort they wanted in every room. And for a nice bonus, we knew they would also see a 30-35% decrease in their monthly energy bills.

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How Carrier Ductless AC and Heating Works

Carrier ductless AC and heating systems are highly-efficient heat pump systems that can provide both heating and cooling comfort wherever they are located. The systems consist of two basic parts, which is why they’re also called “mini-split systems.” 

First, there’s an outdoor condenser unit. It can then power up to nine indoor, wall-mounted units that can provide state of the art comfort throughout the space. 

Each indoor unit, called air handlers, heads or cassettes, provides a separate zone of comfort that can be controlled independently of the others. This way, you can customize the comfort in one room without affecting every other area of the home.

Installing a Carrier Ductless Mini Split System in Barto, PA

We recommended a Carrier ductless mini-split system with three comfort zones for this Barto, PA colonial. 

We designed a single-zone for the four-seasons room and two-zone for the main living area.

Our homeowners planned to expand the master bedroom in the future, so when the time is right, we can go back and install an additional indoor unit in there which will run off the existing outdoor unit.

As you can see, the wall-mounted air handlers are placed high up on the wall and out of the way. These units have state-of-the-art sensors that monitor both the heat and humidity in a room.

With these features, the system can adjust and distribute the air to give you a perfect level of comfort. That means you can add just a touch of heat on chilly evenings. Or, add all the coolness you need on a hot summer’s day from the same system, delivering state of the art comfort. 

The wall-mounted units are also whisper-quiet. So, the family can enjoy TV or simple conversation whenever they want. They won’t even hear the ductless unit switch on.

And in power-saving mode, you don’t waste any energy heating or cooling rooms when they aren’t in use. This reduces your energy bills even further!

Energy Efficiency Saves You Money With Ductless AC and Heat

Best of all, Carrier ductless air conditioning and heating is incredibly efficient. 

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program estimates that mini-split systems like this one can save a homeowner anywhere between 30 and 60 percent in heating costs compared to electric baseboard heating.

They can also save as much as 30% to 40%  in energy costs for air conditioning. 

That’s significant energy savings year-round for these homeowners in Barto. As a result, they should see a substantial drop in their energy bills every month of the year.

We know our homeowners are going to love their new Carrier ductless heating and cooling system. With a 12 year warranty and attractive financing options, the system offers affordability and peace of mind at the same time. 

Our homeowners will really appreciate the ability to cool their four season room on hot days. They’ll also love finally adding heat this fall and winter. 

Most importantly, they’ll get all four seasons of enjoyment from the room. 

And by being able to add that touch of heat when needed in the living room, the homeowners will be able to delay turning on their primary heating systems for weeks.

Now, they get the warmth they want while saving significantly on energy bills.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the comfort in your home, give us a call here at IT Landes. 

Our experts can help design the perfect system for you. Whether it’s a traditional heating system or a Carrier Ductless system, we’ll find the one that can provide you with the comfort you need, wherever you need it most.

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