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Get Connected to Public Sewer

IT Landes provides a complete range of plumbing services, including:

Sewer line hook-up

24-hour emergency plumbing service

Leaky pipe, toilet, and faucet repair

Water heaters

Water softeners

Water conditioning and neutralizing

Drain cleaning

Sewer jetting

Well systems

Sump pumps

Leak detection and prevention

Why is IT Landes® the right choice for connecting to public sewer?

  1. Preferred plumber status for sewer line installation
  2. FREE estimates for homeowners who need to make the switch

IT Landes enjoys preferred plumber status for sewer line installation and connections and provides FREE estimates for homeowners who need to make the switch.

Many areas, such as Franconia Township, are converting to public sewer. As a result, homeowners like you are looking for experienced, trusted plumbing service providers to install public sewer lines.

IT Landes has been serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties for more than 90 years with a full complement of professional plumbing services, and we have the expertise and equipment to efficiently install your public sewer line with minimal disruption to you and your property.

Trust IT Landes for All Your Sewer Needs
When you call IT Landes for sewer service or repair, you can expect to be treated like family. Our experienced technicians are employee-owners, not commissioned salespeople, so you can trust the advice we give and make the best decision for your family’s home comfort needs.

IT Landes® Makes It Easy to Connect

To learn more about what’s involved in having your home connected to public sewer, download our FREE GUIDEBOOK.


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