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Up Front Pricing: Good or Bad?

Top Pros & Cons of Up-Front Pricing for your Residential Heating Service

Up-front pricing, also known as flat rate pricing, means clients are provided with the exact price prior to making repairs on residential heating service calls. A quote is given up-front, and per the client’s approval, the heating service is paid for and completed according to the given quote. The client pays no more or no less than that original, up-front price. In some instances, Up-Front Pricing has shown to save up to 5 percent.

Sounds great, right?! Ultimately, it is. But does that mean up-front pricing is right for your heating service? While there are a variety of different pricing models available in the HVAC industry, choosing the best pricing option depends on your home, HVAC needs, main concerns, budget, and more.

In order to help homeowners make the best decision possible, our residential HVAC service technicians have created an Up-Front Pricing Top Pros & Cons list so you can decide if this is the right option for your residential heating service.

Top Pros to Up-Front Pricing:

  1. Billed by the Job, not by the Hour – Billing by the job, not by the hour means no matter how long your residential heating service takes, or the materials used, you’re paying the same price. It takes the financial risk off the client. As always, we’ll provide the highest quality, most efficient work for your heating service, but if the job takes 3 hours longer than originally quoted, it won’t affect your budget.
  2. No “Sticker Shock” We’ll give you a heating service quote UP-FRONT. No more, no less. If you’ve ever bought a car from a dealership, then you know that the price on the windshield is almost NEVER the price you actually have to pay. There are often add-ons, additional fees, and costs that you may have been unaware of. By paying for the job up-front, you can’t and won’t be blind-sided!
  3. No Guesswork – As a client, you’ll know EXACTLY what work is being done and what residential heating service will be provided. With everything provided up-front, we receive your approval on the scope – and price – before moving forward with the job…taking the mystery out of your bill.

Top Cons to Up-Front Pricing:

  1. Miscommunication – Sometimes, there can be lack of communication between the heating service provider and the homeowner, meaning clients do not get the work they expected out of their estimate. We eliminate this by fully explaining in detail of what will be done for the residential heating service, and getting your complete understanding and approval before moving forward.
  2. Project Limitations – Not all projects fit under the Up-Front Pricing model. For example, IT Landes currently only offers Up-Front Pricing for residential heating and residential cooling service calls. We have not expanded this offering to our residential plumbing…yet.

Up-Front Pricing and Up-Front Employees!

Our technicians do not work on commission like many other residential HVAC contractors in Harleysville, Souderton, Telford, Lansdale, Skippack PA and surrounding areas. When you hire a commissioned contractor, they often receive monetary incentives depending on the repair tasks they perform. IT Landes is 100% employee-owned and operated, meaning you’ll receive unbiased, authentic recommendations based for your HVAC problem, budget, and home comfort needs. That’s the IT Landes difference. To get started with your Up-Front Pricing estimate, give us a call at (215) 256-4221 or request contact here.

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