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Today's Fuel Oil Price: 2.929 Cash/Check/Credit Card
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Add It Up with Our Fuel Oil Payment Calculator

To help you decide which fuel oil payment plan best suits your needs and budget, use our Fuel Oil Calculator. Simply enter your anticipated annual fuel oil usage, and you can see real-time prices for all of our purchase and payment options. Any of our Gold Shield Service Plans may also be included in a monthly Smart Pay payment. Please call us for details. If you still have questions or need further assistance in choosing a fuel oil plan, contact an IT Landes home comfort specialist at 215-256-4221 or request an appointment online.  

Number of gallons you estimate purchasing this upcoming heating season:
Estimated Annual Costs
Price changes with the market. Invoiced on day of delivery.
Pay-As-You-Go w/Cap
Adding cap insurance protects you from price spikes.
Pre-purchasing is the only way to lock in a price regardless of which way the market goes.
Prepay w/Downside Protection
Allows your prepaid price to drop, should market prices fall.
Smart Pay (Budget)
Similar to pay-as-you-go, plus the added benefit of even monthly payments.
Smart Pay monthly cost
Smart Pay (Budget) w/Cap
Similar to pay-as-you-go with cap, plus the added benefit of even monthly payments.
Smart Pay w/Cap monthly cost

This is an estimate of cost for informational and comparison purposes only. Prices and fees are subject to change prior to formal contract confirmation between IT Landes Company and Client.

Please Contact Me with More Information About the PPL Energy Rebates

PPL Energy Rebates

Please Contact Me with More Information About the PECO Energy Rebates

PECO Energy Rebates

$25 OFF First Service Call – Request an Appointment

$25 OFF First Service Call

*Offer valid for new customers on first residential service call over $200. Valid only for residential customers in the IT Landes service area. May not be combined with other offers. Offer expires 3/31/2019.