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If your heater keeps running and doesn’t want to shut down, it could be a sign of a problem. An unresponsive heater is a common issue. It could result from a bad blower motor switch, a dirty filter, or an inoperable thermostat. You want to get these issues fixed as soon as possible for your safety and comfort. Here are a few solutions to help with a heater that will not shut off.

Checking Your Thermostat

When your home is starting to get hot, you first want to check the thermostat. In some cases, someone in your home may have cranked up the heat. However, if the heater is continuously operating, there could be other reasons for this issue.

Thermostats are one of the top reasons for heater problems. There are times when the fan is stuck on the “auto” setting. When that happens, the heater’s blower motor will continue to operate. You can always slide that setting to the “off” position. If the problem persists, then you will have to do some troubleshooting on your furnace or heater.

Another spot to check is the thermostat’s wiring. If it looks damaged or frayed, then that could be the reason for a stuck heater. You can either fix that wiring or completely replace the thermostat.

Inspect the Major Heater Components

Once you have checked out the thermostat, it is time to inspect the major components of the heater. Since these components are complicated to repair and in hard-to-reach places, you might want to call a professional to fix them.

Replace the Air Filter

One of the easiest parts to inspect is the furnace filter. A dirty filter can cause plenty of problems. If the filter is dirty, then air cannot flow through your heating system. With that, your heater will continue to operate without stopping. Even if the filter is not the cause of this problem, you always want to change your filter about once a month. Clean filters prevent your heating system from overheating, and it is an easy way for your system to become more energy efficient.

Push Those Buttons

In some cases, the heater could be going into overtime due to a stuck button. Make sure to go to your heater and look for any controls that might appear stuck. You can always push them upwards to see if they will dislodge from a stuck position. Any buttons that are set on a down setting could be the reason for a continuously running heater.

Look for Leaky Air Ducts

Leaking air ducts can cause heater problems. Over time, the air ducts might end up with holes in them. When there is a hole, all that hot air can escape, and your heater will operate until it reaches the set temperature. These holes can allow heat to leak into your home’s walls, leaving your interior feeling a little cold. Unfortunately, air duct problems will require help from a professional. If you suspect there is a problem with a leak, an HVAC technician can inspect these ducts and patch it up for you.

Check for a Bad Furnace Blower Motor

Unfortunately, if you have a bad furnace blower motor, it can mean a hefty repair bill for you. The blower motor is responsible for blowing the hot air into your interior rooms. Along with that, there is a switch that controls this motor. If it is faulty, the switch could be the reason for a heater that will not turn off. If the furnace is blowing out cold air, that is one way to know that the blower is bad.

Other Reasons

If you have gone through the most common reasons for this heating problem, the source could be related to other issues. Even well-maintained furnaces can suddenly develop problems. If you cannot diagnose the issue by yourself, it might be time to call in a furnace technician.

Some of these problems are caused by faulty electrical sensors that cannot recognize the correct temperature. When the sensors are not working, your heater doesn’t recognize when the system could be overheating. As a result, this situation can turn into a fire hazard.

Is This a Serious Issue?

If you want to know whether the problem is serious or not, it will depend on what is wrong with your system. A faulty thermostat is an easy and less costly fix than a blown blower motor. You might want to ignore the problem, but that can lead to other issues. A furnace that runs constantly is not good for the entire system. All that work puts strain on the components. In turn, they are more likely to break down. When a heating system runs continuously, it is a serious problem. You should have a professional come to your home to check it out.

A heater that stays on for the entire day might seem like a nuisance, but it can be dangerous for your home. If the system starts to overheat, it might not be able to utilize the emergency shutoff process. A faulty heating system can catch on fire or even explode. For that reason, you want to address these problems immediately.

In some homes, the furnace fan will operate all day long. This fan is not the same as the heater, and they can safely run all day. The fan is there to increase the air circulation and the efficiency of the heater. In many situations, you can use the fan to increase your heating system’s lifespan. However, running that fan throughout the day could be a bad idea if you have leaky air ducts. Once again, you can always call a professional to check the efficiency of the heating system.

Another major problem with a heater is known as short cycling. This problem occurs when the furnace turns on and off in short bursts. Short cycling can significantly reduce your heater’s lifespan. Along with that, this pattern can be a sign that a major heating component is ready to break.

What Is the Cost for a Repair?

If your heater does not shut off, it could lead to a costly repair bill. Simple thermostat issues can be fixed by yourself. However, when a major component breaks down, you can expect hefty repair bills. In many cases, a typical heating repair will set you back about $50 to $100. When you add in parts and labor, the price can run between $300 to $600.

It never hurts to have someone come out for a quick diagnosis when you want to get it repaired. With that, you will have some peace of mind that your system is running at an optimal level.

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