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Improve your home comfort and air quality by scheduling an appointment with IT Landes

Did you know that your cooling system can affect your overall comfort?

Outdated or dirty air conditioning systems can affect your sleep, breathing, air quality, and day-to-day functionality. One big issue with air flow problems is that they often go unnoticed. IT Landes licensed and trained professionals can identify and fix any air flow factors that could be affecting your home comfort while also finding the most affordable solution to fit your needs.

The advancement of technology has allowed for cooling systems that can save you money and energy while increasing efficiency and quality. Even if you think your air conditioning system is up to par, there could be a problem right under your nose. Here are some simple ways to evaluate if your cooling system needs looked at.

Hot and Heavy

If your air feels hot and stuffy or your home is not as cool as it used to be, your air flow could be the culprit. Poor air quality can also cause health risks such as headaches, fatigue, or asthma. Dirty air ducts can decrease cooling system efficiency by 15%. Not only does poor ventilation effect efficiency, but it’s also costing you more to cool your home than it should.

If Walls Could Talk

Does your air conditioning make too much noise? Are you tired of the weird sounds caused by your cooling system? Air conditioning units or older cooling models can be loud, obnoxious, and often distracting. By updating or repairing your home’s air conditioning system, you can gain some peace and quiet.

IT Landes services the industry’s leading and most technologically-advanced brands while still maintaining affordability. IT Landes services cooling systems with a SEER ratings up to 21. The SEER rating indicates the efficiency of your air conditioning system, the higher the better. The sound rating of our systems can be as low as 67 db. We offer a variety of different cooling system options such as geothermal and solar.
By scheduling an appointment with IT Landes, we can repair or install a new air conditioning system & improve your home comfort and save you $$$. Save even further by checking out our current promotions.

Keep cool, save money, breathe clean, and sleep sound.
For nearly four generations, customers have trusted IT Landes for optimal home comfort and dependability. Let us improve your indoor air quality and lower utility costs by switching, cleaning, and/or assessing your air cooling system.

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