Is Your A/C Broken? | IT Landes in Harleysville, PA

Heat waves, especially those in which temperatures reach up into the mid to high 90s, often cause homeowners to ask: Is my AC system broken? Or is it too hot for the system to function properly?

Soaring temperatures exceed design conditions for AC systems in central Pennsylvania. A system that maintains 78 degrees inside when it is 93 degrees outside may struggle to keep your home below 80 degrees when it is 95+ degrees outside. Rising temperatures inside your home when weather conditions become extreme does not necessarily mean that the system is “broken” or needs to be replaced.

Save money on an unnecessary repair / service call by checking these indicators first:

  • There is no air coming out of the vents
  • There is warm air coming out of the vents
  • There is ice forming on the indoor coil and/or refrigerant lines
  • The circuit breaker serving the outdoor unit keeps tripping

If any of these conditions are occurring in your home, call IT Landes at 215-256-4221.

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