Is Your Home Ready for Summer Weather? | Adjust Return Registers

One of the ways you can get your home ready for summer is by adjusting your return registers!

What is a Return Register?

Return regsiters are located near the ceiling and floors of your house. An example is located on the right.

Where are they located?

Return registers are located near the ceiling and floors of your home. Opening and closing these registers at the start of a new season allows for optimal airflow and home comfort in your home.

Remember this saying hot air rises and cold air falls. In the summer you want the cold air to stay in the rooms and the warm air to be removed through the registers. Closing the floor registers and opening the ceiling registers allows the hot air to leave the room and the cold air to remain.

Not all Houses Were Built the Same

Knowing air takes the path of least resistance. In some cases, you may only have one register that is located near the ductwork with a damper. The register that is open is where the air will naturally flow through.

Following these updates to your registers, will keep you more comfortable this summer!

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