IT Landes Announces 365 Days without a Lost-Time Injury or Accident

IT Landes customer survey

Harleysville, PA (March 28, 2017) IT Landes Company, an employee-owned residential and commercial mechanical contractor serving Montgomery, Bucks, and the neighboring counties, has reached the safety milestone of 365 days without a lost-time injury or accident.

“This is a huge accomplishment and I would like to thank each and every employee-owner for the role he or she played in making this happen,” said Mike Heist, Corporate Director of Safety at IT Landes. “We hope to mitigate accidents and continue to achieve these remarkable results this year.”

IT Landes makes every effort possible to ensure the safety of its employee-owners and customers. Safety hinges on the willingness of the entire team to participate, so the company works to embed this into their training and corporate culture at every level. Each job is unique and presents different challenges and hazards, so 365 days without a lost-time injury demonstrates the company’s firm commitment to safety and security.

IT Landes provides heating/cooling installation and service, plumbing services, fuel oil delivery and more to families and businesses in Montgomery, Bucks, and the neighboring counties

For more information about IT Landes, call 215-256-4221.

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