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Montgomery and Bucks County Emergency Contact ListDoes your family have a storm preparedness plan? It is important to make sure you proactively secure your family and home for all types of emergencies. Part of ANY preparedness plan includes an emergency contact list.

Your Emergency Contact List should include the following:

  • Personal Contacts (Family, Friends, Neighbors, Significant Others, Boss, Coworkers, Insurance Agent)
  • Family Doctors and Nearby Hospitals or Urgent Cares
  • Utilities (HVAC, Power, Cable, Water, Towing)
  • Local and National Government, Fire Department, Police Department, Safety Departments
  • Local and National News
  • Local and National Weather Channels
  • Local and National Radio Stations

Here is an emergency contact list that you should consider printing out or keeping on hand for your family. This emergency contact list is specific to our service areas of Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Please share this emergency contact list with your family, friends, and neighbors!

Montgomery and Bucks County Emergency Contact List

Local Contacts

National Contacts / Additional Emergency Preparedness Resources:

Storm Preparation Tips for Fall and Winter

For your HVAC Emergency Service needs, such as no heat, plumbing emergency, no cooling, clogged drains, or inadequate heating or cooling, contact IT Landes at 215-256-4221 or request an appointment online.

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