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Honest and Reliable Chalfont Plumbing Company

IT Landes is an employee-owned plumbing company providing trusted services in Chalfont, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our company has served the residents of Bucks County since 1929, and we continue to provide affordable, dependable 24-hour plumbing services. We only use quality replacement parts in repairs to ensure long-lasting, dependable results and stand behind all of our results.

Reasons to choose us:
  • Same-day service for emergencies
  • Impeccable workmanship on all projects
  • Comprehensive range of plumbing services
  • Outstanding customer attention at all times

Trusted Chlafont 24-Hour Plumbing Services

For a plumbing company in Chalfont that can handle just about any service you need, rely on IT Landes. We can fix toilets, hot water heaters, sewer lines, sump pumps and well systems. We can also install bathroom and kitchen fixtures, hot water heaters and water softeners. When you experience an urgent need for plumbing repair, take advantage of our emergency 24-hour plumbing service in Chalfont.

Examples of plumbing emergencies:
  • Burst pipes
  • Major leaks
  • Clogged toilets
  • Backed-up sinks
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Failed water heaters

When you have any serious problem, reach out to us as soon as possible. Other warning signs of plumbing issues include slow-moving drains, low water pressure and water that smells or looks off. If you see rust-colored chips in your water, it’s not safe to drink. This usually means your pipes have bad corrosion. We use video camera inspections to determine what’s wrong with the pipes and where the damage is. This is a highly accurate diagnostic method.

Annual inspections help prevent plumbing problems from occurring because we catch them in the earliest stages. For residents of Chalfont, IT Landes offers a Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreement. Under this plan, we’ll come out once a year to inspect your plumbing system.

Qualified Professional Plumbers

Our plumbers are licensed and insured, so you can have confidence in the process. They follow safety protocols and state guidelines, and their commitment and expertise ensure you’ll receive quality workmanship. On average, each plumber on our crew has 10 years of experience. They’ve come across all types of problems in Chalfont, from the common to the unusual, so they’ll be ready to handle yours.

Chalfont’s Plumbing Company

Locals in Chalfont count on IT Landes as a plumbing company that provides 24-hour plumbing service. In emergency situations, we’ll be over fast to fix the problem. Our company has been in business for nearly a century, and we can service any make and model of plumbing system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your plumbing needs.

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