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gold-shield-logoGold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreements

Get Quality IT Landes Comfort Contract Maintenance for just $125 per year!


Clogged pipes, outdated water heaters, and leaky faucets are more than annoying. They are costly problems that can quickly escalate into expensive repairs and replacements. Stop these plumbing problems before they start with a Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreement from IT Landes. For only $125.00 per year (annual, renewing contract), you will be provided with:

  • Proactive inspection of all of your critical plumbing systems and components.
  • We inspect more than most competitors for one low cost.
  • A comprehensive overview of our findings, including recommendations prioritized by need and importance.
  • Reduction of emergency, unplanned expenses by helping to stop problems before they start.

Peace of Mind with Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreements

IT Landes offers the following services and year-round peace of mind:

  • Collect and test a water sample for hardness, iron and Ph.
  • Check and measure the incoming water pressure. (For city water.)
  • Check and measure the pressure on the well tank. (For well water.)
  • Visual inspection of all exposed piping and fixtures.
  • Inspect for leaks and corrosion.
  • Drain – inspect for leaks and correct fall.
  • Drain – inspect for leaks and correct slope on pipes.
  • Inspect all toilets for leaking valves and proper drainage.
  • Inspect all sinks for leaking faucets and proper drainage.
  • Visual inspection of an Electric or Gas-Fired Water Heater.
  • Inspect all pressure relief tanks.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and valves.
  • Label shut-off valves with tags.
  • Ensure drain and supply plumbing is working correctly.
  • Ensure plumbing system is code compliant.
  • Inspect hose bibs.
  • Inspect sump pumps.
  • Perform dye test on toilets.
  • Inspect garbage disposal and instant hot water.
  • Make recommendations and provide an overview of findings.
  • Perform water test for optimal Water Softener performance.
  • Full Maintenance packages are available upon request.

**Pricing is based on up to 3 bathrooms, 1 laundry room, 1 kitchen, and 1 powder room**

**Note: Any additional work would be inspected at a cost of $22.00 per fixture**

Receive 10% off all labor for plumbing repairs when you have an inspection conducted while under contract. Read more about the benefits of an IT Landes Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreement.

A Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection Agreement from IT Landes can help avoid costly repairs, prevent problems and avoid unexpected expenses that just aren’t in your budget.  Call 215-256-4221 for more information or fill out our contact form.

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