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One extremely important but often overlooked task in home winterization is preventing freezing pipes. When water freezes it expands, so full pipes exposed to cold temperatures can rupture if they are not properly insulated, causing costly flooding and water damage.

Which of your home’s pipes are at greatest risk for freezing? Any pipe that is not properly protected is vulnerable, but here are a few of the most common locations around your home where pipes can freeze:

  • Pipes outside an insulated building, such as swimming pool, sprinkler, and outdoor kitchen supply lines
  • Pipes in basements, crawlspaces, garages, and attics
  • Pipes running through or along exterior walls
  • Pipes in any environment that is not insulated or climate-controlled
    freezing pipes
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If you’re concerned about freezing pipes in these areas of your home, here are some simple maintenance tasks you can perform to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

  1. Keep garage doors closed during the winter months.
  2. Insulate exposed and vulnerable pipes with insulating foam or fiberglass sleeves. You can purchase these items at your local home supply store.
  3. Close and/or cover vents or windows in the basement to maintain a warmer environment.
  4. Open cabinet doors underneath sinks to allow heat to enter.
  5. Set the thermostat to a minimum of 55 degrees when leaving your home for an extended period of time.
  6. Maintain your heating equipment to ensure reliable performance throughout the heating season.

Performing these basic preventive maintenance tasks can provide peace of mind throughout the cold winter months. We also recommend finding a trusted plumber that has the expertise and resources to respond to an emergency situation whenever it happens, even on a holiday, because emergencies never happen when it’s convenient.

If a pipe bursts in your home, the first thing you should do is immediately shut off the water supply. Then, contact a qualified plumber to evaluate the situation. IT Landes offers 24/7/365 emergency plumbing service as well as routine plumbing inspections and preventive maintenance that will keep your pipes flowing freely year-round. We can also maintain and repair your home heating system. Visit our Plumbing Services page or Residential Heating Services page to learn more.

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