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Heating Repair in Greater Harleysville

Furnace RepairThe best heating repair services in Pennsylvania are from the well-established IT Landes®. Since 1929, IT Landes has serviced, installed, and provided quality heating products for communities in counties like Bucks and Montgomery. From boiler repair to the annual furnace check-up, IT Landes always delivers the most technologically-advanced products and the highest quality service during heating season and year-round.

Quality Heating Service and More from IT Landes

Pennsylvania winters hit hard. A reliable heating system is essential to keep homes comfortable during the coldest days of the year. IT Landes has offered high quality heating service for more than 80 years, working to ensure your home stays cozy all winter. Our licensed and insured professionals know the right products, from basic replacement parts to a new furnace, boiler, or electric heat pump system, are exactly what’s needed for the job. We offer:

  • outstanding warranty programs.
  • financing with approved credit.
  • upfront pricing—no surprises.
  • licensed and insured professionals.

Heat Pump and Furnace Repair in Pennsylvania

Before winter arrives it’s recommended to schedule a check-up of your home’s heating system. This can help prevent problems before they happen—when the temperatures are at their most frigid. However, emergencies happen and IT Landes can help. Our trained professionals know heating systems. From heat pump and furnace repair to replacing an old boiler, you’re not going to be left out in the cold. We can provide information on a replacement boiler’s AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating and help you determine what’s best for your home’s needs.

Essential Heating Service from IT Landes

When you need boiler service or a replacement part for a heat pump, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to quality guarantees the installation of the leading industry brands, including ENERGY STAR-rated products. We offer:

  • full heating systems: heat pump, furnace, and boiler.
  • mini split ductless systems.
  • carbon monoxide detectors.
  • air purification and filtration systems.
  • replacement parts.
  • uninterrupted fuel oil delivery.

Call us at 215-256-4221 to find out more about IT Landes services and products, or request an appointment online.

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