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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Horsham

Whether you require conventional or tankless water heater installation in Horsham, PA, turn to the experts at IT Landes. Our company has been in business in this area since 1929. That gives us nearly 100 years of experience with the water heater systems common to Montgomery County. Our team can handle any make or model. We work with both electric and gas types of either traditional or tankless units. If the time has come to replace your water heater, we’ll help you explore the possibilities. While taking into consideration your budget and needs, we’ll discuss factors such as energy efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Clients choose us for our:
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Fully trained and certified plumbers
  • Exceptional workmanship on every job
  • Conscientious and attentive customer service

Trusted Horsham Water Heater Installations and Service

Tank water heaters can last approximately 15 years with proper maintenance, but an old water heater can become rather inefficient. Water heater replacement is recommended when efficiency drops below an acceptable level. Homeowners are often surprised by the savings they can achieve from replacement. It’s usually better to be proactive rather than to wait for the old unit to die. Many homeowners in Horsham are opting for a tankless water heater installation. These systems supply hot water on demand instead of expending energy storing it, and these units are both convenient and efficient. Even better, their life expectancies are two to three times that of a conventional system.

Our installations encompass:
  • Leak testing
  • Temperature calibration
  • Disposal of old equipment
  • Shut-off valve replacement
  • Relief valve piping per local code

Dependable Plumbers in Horsham

The quality of our plumbers sets our company apart. We choose them for their experience and skill, and they continue to participate in ongoing education. We also ensure that they are fully licensed and insured as required at both the state and the local levels. We want to provide our clients with the professional advice they’ll need to make the best decisions for their homes.

Your Local Water Heater Company

IT Landes has been overseeing water heater installations in Horsham and the surrounding areas for more than nine decades. In fact, our company installed some of the earliest tankless models ever developed. Whether you are interested in a storage unit or an instantaneous system, we can help. Let us show you your options and assist you in making a wise choice based on comfort and savings. Contact IT Landes today to ask any questions you have in mind or to schedule an on-site water heater consultation.

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