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Ambler’s Best in Tankless Water Heaters

IT Landes is a reputable plumbing company based in Ambler, PA, that offers trusted water heater installation and services. We’re employee-owned, so we have a vested interest in doing an excellent job on all of our projects. Our roots go back to 1929. For decades, we’ve been serving local customers and helping them stay safe and comfortable.

We are:
  • Available 24/7
  • Experienced with all makes and models of water heaters
  • Available via phone, text or email
  • Knowledgeable about ENERGY STAR products

Whether you currently own a tankless or tanked water heater, or are interested in having one installed, we’re the team to call in Ambler. Our service includes our personal commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Choosing a Water Heater in Ambler

Many of our customers in Ambler aren’t exactly sure what type of water heater to purchase. Besides the traditional gas or electric water heater, you can also choose from a variety of tankless water heaters. These units are becoming more popular, as they heat on demand. This reduces energy expenditure, and it may make sense for certain households. We understand that it can all be overwhelming, especially if you weren’t prepared to buy such a large appliance. Rest assured that we’ll be right there with you each step of the way.

If you’re building a new home or doing an extensive renovation, we can recommend a product that will work well. We’ll consider your budget, the size of your home and your energy and water usage preferences.

If you’re having issues with a current water heater that’s over eight years old, it may be time to replace it. In this case, we’ll walk you through your options. We’ll provide our honest opinions as to how much longer your old heater may continue to operate reliably. We’ll also provide some thoughts as to how newer models, especially tankless water heaters, can improve efficiencies and lower your energy bills in Ambler.

Skilled Plumbers in Ambler

IT Landes has a team of highly trained plumbers that service the Ambler area. Whether you’re looking at tankless water heaters or standard water heaters, we’ll be there to handle everything.

Our plumbers are:
  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Organized
  • Prompt

They’re ready for anything, and they’ll make sure your new unit is hooked up properly before leaving. They’ll also give you time to ask questions and learn more about your unit.

Reach Out to Us

Make the smart move and seek out the assistance of IT Landes in Ambler for any service with water heaters. We are a team you can depend on. Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.

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