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It’s bound to start getting colder as we move into the winter season and with the chilly weather comes the need to crank up your furnace higher. So how do you get to keep everyone warm in your home and still not have to worry about extremely crazy energy bills or your family’s safety? This is how. Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your furnace efficiency this season.

Check/Clean/Replace Furnace Filters

This is an easy start to increasing your furnace’s efficiency. The filter protects your furnace from dust, dirt and any airborne bits that can harm your furnace and reduce its efficiency. When the heating system is running the debris and dust gets clogged up in the filter obstructing airflow in the system. To ensure the efficiency is improved check and ensure the filters are clean. Duct cleaning and air filtration should be done on HVAC systems as often as needed.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

In the same way, that one changes the oil in their vehicle that is how important a furnace tune-up is to keep it running efficiently. Maintaining your furnace will also prolong its service life. IT Landes professionals have been offering heating systems repair and maintenance services for homeowners in the Montgomery and Buck counties for over 80 years.

During the much needed annual furnace tune-up, our inspectors will check the furnace for any wear or damage. Cleaning and adjustment of any of the air filtration or distribution systems will also be done if need be. Such a professional tune-up ensures that the furnace is safe for your family and home.

Replace Standard Thermostat with a Programmable One

A standard thermostat requires you to control the temperature of your furnace manually. However, a programmable one will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the time of day or according to the scheduled energy savings that you set. The settings can allow the heating system to run on lower temperature levels if say the family is away, or during off hours.

Your Heating Professionals

IT Landes professionals offer this service that will help you greatly reduce the energy consumption of your furnace and even result in savings on your utility bills. Schedule your annual furnace tune-up today!

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