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“How much is this REALLY going to cost me?”

We’ll give you a quote UP-FRONT. No more, no less.

The IT Landes® team now offers Up-Front Pricing for our residential heating and residential cooling service calls. This means we provide you the exact price (and get your approval) prior to making repairs.

Up-Front Pricing is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. We will arrive at your home for a set dispatch fee.
  2. An HVAC technician will diagnose the problem on site and provide you with an up-front price quote for the repair.
  3. You approve and we make the repair for the quoted amount.

Yes, it is really that simple.

Why do we offer Up-Front Pricing? Simple: To save you money.

We bill it by the job, not by the hour!

Here at IT Landes, we are always looking to improve efficiencies and provide savings for our clients.

Up-Front Pricing reduces risk for YOU. It alleviates uncertainties such as service time, material expenses, and other hidden costs. You won’t end up with a larger bill than expected or originally quoted.

IT Landes offers up-front pricing for our residential heating and residential cooling service calls

Save Even MORE with Gold Shield® Comfort Agreements

Our valued Gold Shield clients receive priority scheduling, discounted dispatch fees and reduced Up-Front Pricing for repairs.

For now, Up-Front Pricing is for residential heating and cooling services only. Coming soon, we will be extending this program to our residential plumbing service as well.

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