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avoid residential plumbing repairs and service with proper residential heating and other DIY HVAC tips for winterIn the midst of holiday festivities and busy end-of-the-year planning, it can be easy for Jack Frost to crash the party you were in charge of hosting. His icy, cold presence can chill. One way to ensure winter season is as enjoyable and worry-free as possible is to prepare for Frost’s return before he even has a chance to recover from last year’s bash.

The experienced plumbing service technicians at IT Landes have your holiday party list and will be checking it twice to keep the Scrooges of home comfort at bay. Here are some helpful tips to protect your home and keep you comfortable this winter season.

Jack Frost Nipping at Your…Pipes

One extremely important but often overlooked part of home’s winter preparation is the protection of pipes from freezing. When water freezes, ice expands and pushes water toward a closed faucet. This causes large amounts of pressure to build between the ice and the faucet that can lead to bursting pipes, flooding, and costly water damage. Getting immediate plumbing repairs for these pipes during the holiday season can be difficult, so it is important to identify the areas that are of greatest risk.

avoid frozen or burst pipes with proper residential heating and insulationPipes that are most likely to freeze include:

  • Pipes outside of an insulated building
  • Pipes in areas such as basements, crawlspaces, or attics
  • Pipes running through exterior walls

After identifying the most vulnerable areas, the next step is to take preventative measures to keep these pipes from freezing. Here are some simple DIY tips to prevent pipes from freezing and eliminate unnecessary costs.

DIY Home Preparations to Send Plumbing Repairs South for the Winter

  • Close garage doors whenever possibleclose garage doors whenever possible to help prevent frozen pipes and plumbing repairs
  • Insulate vulnerable pipes with foam or fiberglass sleeves (tightly, without gaps)
  • Close or cover vents or windows to basements
  • Open cabinet doors underneath sinks to allow heat to enter
  • Set thermostat to at least 55° if you leave your home for extended periods of time
  • Keeping your residential heating system running at peak efficiency

Reliable and efficient residential heating systems can help prevent the cold temperatures from affecting your pipes, so the preventative maintenance and service of your heat pump, furnace, boiler or geothermal system cannot be ignored. At IT Landes, we offer Gold Shield Comfort Agreements that protect you from unexpected equipment failures or repairs.

The Cold Never Bothered Us, Anyway

preventative maintenance to avoid costly HVAC repairsUnfortunately, HVAC equipment generally fails when you least expect it. If you are planning an out-of-town trip for an extended period this winter, nothing says “Welcome home!” like a failed heat pump and/or frozen, damaged, or burst pipes. Keeping your residential heating system properly maintained by one of the dependable and affordable technicians at IT Landes can prevent added holiday expenses such as plumbing repairs or a residential heating system replacement.

If the unexpected does occur and the kitchen sink starts spouting water while you’re preparing your famous holiday ham, IT Landes provides Emergency HVAC service to homeowners and businesses in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Call (215) 256-4221 to learn more about our residential plumbing and heating services or request an appointment today. Hit the Road, Jack.

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