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HVAC replacementLike other household installations and appliances, HVAC systems naturally tend to lose efficiency as they age. Proper maintenance, regular servicing, and repair when necessary can go a long way towards maintaining performance, but inevitably there will come a time when replacement rather than repair is the most cost-effective option.

A professional opinion is essential before making this decision, but here are a few things to consider when deciding to repair or replace.

The Age of the System

Modern HVAC systems are far more efficient than older designs, and potential savings in energy consumption may sometimes be sufficient in themselves to justify the cost of replacement. The calculation will differ according to how long you plan to stay in your property, and your pattern and quantity of energy usage, but as a rough rule of thumb it is worth bearing in mind the calculation which some experts use.

Simply multiply the age of your system in years by the estimated cost of any necessary repairs. If the total is less than $5,000 then repair is probably the most sensible option.

That being said, if your system is 10-15 years old or more, it may not be worth repairing even if the cost would only be a few hundred dollars.

The Type of Fault

If your cooling system has developed a leak it’s probably best to replace the system as this fault will likely cause the compressor to fail in time. Additionally, the cost of the common R-22 coolant (Freon) has increased dramatically as production is scheduled to cease by 2020, so systems using this compound are probably not worth repairing.

The Advantages of Modern Technology

But even if your current system appears to be working well, or can be repaired at a reasonable cost, there may be reasons to consider replacing it if you plan to remain in your property for some years to come.

HVAC technology has advanced significantly, and today’s systems offer a variety of performance that was not available even a few years ago. Different temperature and humidity comfort options are available, and systems are much quieter both inside and outside the home. Control of and communication with the system has also become much more precise with the development of remotely programmable thermostats.

Getting Expert Help

At IT Landes we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA with all their heating and air conditioning needs since 1929. So we’re familiar with all the technical and financial considerations which may bear upon the decision to repair or replace a domestic HVAC unit. You can request a no-obligation appointment with one of our technicians by visiting us online here or by calling us today!

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