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Dust and dirt is a sworn enemy of furnaces. A clean furnace is an efficient, well-functioning furnace, which underscores the reason that you should regularly clean this important piece of equipment.

You don’t have to be a trained HVAC professional to do it either. By keeping your furnace tidy, you can minimize the chances of the following issues.

1. Diminished or No Air Flow

The air filter in your furnace is the front line of defense against dust, dirt, pollen, dander and any other debris that threatens to invade your air. The filter removes these elements from the air, but that also means it gets dirty quickly.

By cleaning reusable filters and replacing disposal ones every few months, you can avoid a dirty air filter cutting off the flow of air from your furnace to the rest of the house.

2. A Damaged Motor, Burner or Other Component

If dust is not removed from the interior components of your furnace, it will start to take its toll. When dust invades your motor, it can slowly start to damage it. Often, dust-covered burners lose their ability to ignite.

About once or twice a year, take the time to remove the panel from your furnace and gently vacuum out visible dust. Just make sure you’re not trying to make fixes or adjustments that you’re not qualified to make.

3. Cold Rooms or Dirty Air

It’s important to properly address all vents and registers. If a vent is blocked or filled with dirt, debris or foreign objects, it can stop the flow of warm air to the room, making it really cold.

Take time to vacuum out vents and registers with a household vacuum. Professional duct cleaning is also very beneficial to the air quality in your home.

Call IT Landes for Furnace Inspections and Maintenance

Keeping your furnace clean certainly helps extend its life and make it efficient, but yearly inspections and maintenance work by trained professionals is also a must.

The team at IT Landes in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, has qualified technicians that are dedicated to protecting your furnace. Connect with our team to schedule your service appointment. We offer heating, cooling, geothermal and plumbing services.

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