Carrier Ductless; Perfect for Harleysville, PA Row and Townhouses

Top-to-Bottom Comfort for Your Row and Townhouses

Row and Townhomes can be a bit of a challenge to heat and cool evenly. They’re notorious for being hot upstairs and cold downstairs.

A multi-zone ductless system from Carrier® solves that problem and gives you complete climate control throughout your home.

Efficient Heating and Cooling for an Efficient Home

Row and Townhomes are often built to be judicious with their use of space.

Carrier Ductless Mini Splits Harleysville PA

Ductless is efficient in a lot of ways too. Right away you’ll find that it’s a quick and easy install. And, after some time, your energy bills will reflect how energy efficient your new system is.

Row and Townhomes with ductless heating and cooling enjoy these advantages:

Carrier Ductless Outdoor Unit Harleysville PA

The outdoor unit (condenser) is compact and about as big as a suitcase. It can be installed in an alley, rooftop or porch, which is especially appealing for a row house or city dwelling with limited outdoor space.

Carrier Ductless Mini Splits Harleysville PA

Row and townhomes tend to have a lot of charm, but not a lot of extra space. Carrier® ductless doesn’t need the bulky ductwork that traditional systems use saving your home’s aesthetics and precious space.

Carrier Ductless Mini Splits Indoor Unit Harleysville PA

Ductless saves you money. No energy loss due to leaky ductwork means these systems are super-efficient. And, since the ductless installation process is relatively easy, those savings are passed along.

Those are just some of the advantages that come with choosing Carrier ductless.

Versatile Ductless Plays Well with Others

Carrier Ductless Mini Splits Harleysville PA

Love an aspect of your existing HVAC system? Chances are that ductless will make a great compliment to it!

Fix That Problem Room Once and for All

Let IT Landes add much-needed comfort to your row or townhome. A ductless comfort solution can also reduce or eliminate your need for oil or gas, meaning big savings.

Download the product guide below to learn more about Carrier® ductless. Or, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss and assess your situation.

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