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Safety is a Way of Life

IT Landes is committed to facing the challenges presented by the ever-changing construction environment from a safety perspective. Recognizing that our employees are our most valuable asset, we share information with our team to continually improve our work. Our goal is to reduce accidents, injuries, and overall risk. Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines with no accidents and to continue enhancing our safety record.

“Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today.” – John Costello, Safety Manager

        John Costello, Safety Manager

Safety training is an important part of our initiative and includes training at various times during the year. Newly hired employees are required to complete a full day of safety training before being allowed on an IT Landes job site. In addition, we deliver timely training, guaranteed to conform with OSHA. Classes such as OSHA 10/30 hours, Competent Person Certification, and Lift Verification (Aerial, Scissor, Forklift, etc.) are made available to all employees and completed as required. Our continued attention to safety and wellness through inspections, training, communication and follow-up has created a successful partnership between our safety department and field leaders. Our field leadership embraces their role in keeping our project teams safe and provides regular input on safety initiatives.

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