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Fuel Oil Payment Plans

When it comes to fuel oil, the lowest price per gallon may not actually be your cheapest option. With hidden fees and service charges, you might find yourself searching for more options. At IT Landes Home Team, we have those options for you to make sure you’re the one in control of fueling your home.


Purchase fuel in advance, calculated by your home’s past usage and the climate in your area. This option allows you to lock down a pre-season price that won’t go up, and you make a single payment at the beginning of the season. Just be sure you pre-buy enough! Any additional fuel required will be at the current market rate.

Smart Pay

Make monthly payments for your fuel that stay the same throughout the year, calculated by your previous usage. The predictable amounts and regular schedule make this a great option for budgeters and ensures there are no surprise bills during the heating season.

Price Cap

With this option, you never pay more than a set amount per gallon, and if the price of fuel goes down, you pay the lower price. If prices spike, you’re protected by the agreed upon cap rate for the term of your contract with IT Landes. You don’t have to be on the Smart Pay plan to choose this option, but many customers choose to include it.


It’s just what it sounds like: you pay the current market price at the time of delivery. There’s no obligation for minimum amount purchases, and you can switch suppliers at any time without leaving your contract. However, prices fluctuate with the market, and higher prices mean bigger payments at the time of delivery.

Fuel Oil Payment Calculator

With so many options, it can be difficult to know which is the best for you. Our Fuel Oil Payment Calculator can help; just enter the estimated annual fuel usage, and we’ll show you real-time prices for each of our payment options. Any of our Gold Shield Service plans may also be included in the Smart Pay options. Try it for yourself below, and if you have any more questions, never hesitate to contact us here or request an appointment with a specialist.

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