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Your air conditioner can protect your home from indoor pollution and keep you comfortable in the summer. You can ensure the system is at its optimal condition in the summer by scheduling routine maintenance. In this article, we’ll explore why you should not skip the annual maintenance of your air conditioner.

AC Maintenance Entails Cleaning the Whole System

An efficient air conditioner is an essential part of your home comfort. But throughout the season, accumulates dust and debris. The grime can insulate components of your equipment, leading to obstructions and clogs.

For example, dust and debris can obstruct the fan on the outdoor unit. Your system will develop issues with airflow that will impact your AC’s power and efficiency.

Also, dirt and grime can create a layer of insulation on the evaporator coil. As a result, the refrigerant becomes inefficient at regulating temperatures from the interior. In such situations, the evaporator tubes cannot absorb heat.

Routine AC maintenance involves cleaning parts such as the coils, which extends the durability of the components. The grime building up on the evaporator can cause corrosion. Eventually, the tubes will succumb and allow the refrigerant to leak.

During maintenance, the technician will perform other tasks such as refilling the refrigerant. By restoring the refrigerant system, it ensures the AC is at its optimum performance. If you detect an issue with your AC, consult the IT Landes Home Services Team for professional solutions in Harleysville.

Maintenance Reduces Incidences of Emergency Calls

Your cooling system works round the clock to keep you comfortable. But with continuous operation, it can develop wear and tear. So how do you prevent unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the blistering summer weather?

The best way to protect your equipment is to schedule preventive maintenance. The process keeps your AC in an immaculate condition, with a low risk of unexpected system failures.

It is possible that for you to overlook or fail to detect problems developing within the system. Just because the AC is running does not mean there are no underlying issues that could be problematic in the future.

Fortunately, AC maintenance technicians have the training to spot technical problems. An AC professional can detect impending issues before they can evolve into total system failure.

Certified technicians have the skill to assess the function of flue or chimney. The process may involve inspecting the combustion chamber and running tests to determine its efficiency.

Professionals can spot issues that would cause carbon monoxide poisoning and other hazards.

Optimize Your AC Performance and Reduce Energy Consumption

After the maintenance service, you can expect a noticeable increase in performance. Cleaning and refilling the refrigerant ensures that temperature regulation is at its optimum.

During routine maintenance, a technician will evaluate the system for airflow problems. You can ensure your air conditioner remains efficient by cleaning and changing the filter once a month.

A professional will perform other intricate tasks, such as assessing the integrity of the ductwork. Your home’s network of ductwork is essential for distributing conditioned air into all the rooms in your home.

However, your ductwork can diminish your system’s efficiency if there are faults within it. According to statistics, clogging and leaking within your ductwork can lose up to 40% of your home’s energy. Therefore, efficient ductwork is crucial for managing your home’s power consumption.

Certified technicians will also inspect the function of the thermostat and recalibrate it if necessary. They may assess whether the location of the thermostat can impact its performance.

The device ought to be in a position that represents the climate in your house. Thermostats should not be in direct sunlight or close to heat sources. Otherwise, it will give incorrect readings that will impact the system’s function.

Technicians will also test the thermostat during routine maintenance. If the device is faulty, our professionals can offer unbiased recommendations to replace it. Replacement is often a more viable option.

If you opt for a replacement, consider taking advantage of the convenience of a programmable device. Programmable thermostats can record and manage temperature regulation more efficiently than a conventional device. IT Landes Home Services Team will be glad to guide you when you need to replace components of your system in Newburgh.

You Can Reduce the Risk of Mold and Mildew Infestations

You can expect an efficient air conditioning system to generate considerable amounts of condensation. Parts of your home can, such as the attic, can have high levels of moisture. However, the unit can collect water and channel it away.

If there is a malfunction in your equipment, water may accumulate around your unit. The drain pan can clog, forcing the air conditioning system to shut down for safety.

The water could leak into parts of your property, encouraging mold and mildew growth. A certified technician has the experience to spot issues such as microbial growth within the cooling system.

A certified technician is in the best position to spot mildew and mold. They can open intricate parts of your equipment for cleaning and assessment.

Enhance Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner needs to eliminate moisture from the interior to prevent mold growth. When microbial infestations develop, they can trigger indoor air pollution.

Faulty ductwork and clogged filters can allow contaminants to get into parts of the interior. If some occupants have allergies, the pollutants can cause respiratory complications.

Routine maintenance protects your family’s safety and comfort. The AC is more efficient at cleaning the air and capturing allergens. A technician can also spot issues with indoor air quality that you would have ignored. You can depend on IT Landes Home Service Team for unbiased recommendations in Newburg.

Maintenance Extends the System’s Life and Upholds Your Warranty

By scheduling routine annual maintenance, you can ensure that your equipment is efficient throughout the season. It gives you peace of mind that the AC will not be problematic in the middle of summer when you need it the most.

Servicing your AC extends its lifetime and prevents unnecessary repairs that can be both frustrating and expensive. Your system will have lower long-term costs if you adhere to routine maintenance.

Additionally, you could lose your manufacturer’s warranty if you skip annual maintenance. Your warranty will often require documentation to show that you’ve been servicing your equipment.

Some components of your cooling system can be costly to replace. That’s why we recommend maintenance for your system at least once a year. Spring is an ideal time to schedule AC maintenance to prepare the unit for the long, busy season ahead.

An inefficient unit can trigger issues that can impact power consumption and your home’s comfort. A professional with the requisite training can handle intricate parts without the risk of damage to your system. The process keeps your home safe and boosts comfort in the hot, humid summer.

IT Landes Home Service Team offers comprehensive maintenance packages for our clients in Newburg. We are an employee-owned company, providing a suite of solutions as a full-service HVAC contractor. You can call our team to repair, maintain, or install your cooling and heating systems. We can help you address indoor pollution and air quality problems in your home. Consult our top-rated team for more information on our services today.

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