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HVAC Tips in Harleysviile, PA

Harleysville, PA, sees some rough winters with lots of snow and cold temperatures. By the time spring appears, you’ll want nothing more than to take a break from the inclement weather. Temperatures start rising in May and keep increasing through the summer, hitting the mid- to high-80s on most days. With a well-equipped HVAC system, you can beat the heat and enjoy the benefits of a warmer home when winter comes back again. Not only can IT Landes install your new HVAC system, but we can also give you an easy way to finance your purchase.


What is an HVAC System


A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is one that offers both heating and cooling for your home. Adjust your thermostat to make your home as warm and toasty as you want in the winter or as cool and refreshing as you need in the summer by way of your HVAC equipment and air conditioning unit. We offer tons of options that include ductless mini-split systems, furnaces, and heat pumps.


Why Choose HVAC Financing?


Unexpected costs seem to pop up when you haven’t prepared your bank account to afford them. Is there anything worse than coming home on a cold Harleysville day to find that your heat went out hours ago? That lack of heat can leave your family shivering and shaking. It can also cause problems when the ice melts and refreezes on your roof or forms ice dams in your gutters. Financing gives you a convenient way to pay for the new system you need without exhausting your emergency funds. 


We offer financing specials that let you buy a new system today and pay it off in the future. As long as you make your monthly payments by their due dates, you’ll keep your account in good standing. We work with Wells Fargo, which offers a carrier-revolving line of credit. Every time you make a payment, your available credit grows. If you qualify for $5,000 and pay $2,000 in the next few months, you can use the revolving balance to pay for other purchases. HVAC financing also lets you take advantage of any current promotions or specials.


HVAC Promotions


Before you call us to buy and install a new HVAC system, see what current specials or promotions we are running. These offers usually fall into one of two categories: rebates or discounts. Rebates come directly from manufacturers. You get your money back when you install an AC or HVAC system from that specific brand. You may need to wait a number of weeks, but the company will eventually send you a check for the rebate amount.


Our discounts help you save money on the services and products you need. The best time to look for discounts is during the off-season. Very few people look for AC systems in the winter, which is why the prices are so much lower. On the other hand, summer is a great time to install a new furnace that qualifies for a discount. Always check our promotions page before you contact us to see if we have any discounts. 


Utility discounts also help you save money. These discounts come from some of the companies in the Harleysville area that provide services for both home and business owners. When you choose products and systems that make a building more energy efficient, you might get a discount from your electric provider. Gas providers offer similar programs.


Don’t forget about federal energy property tax credits either. These credits are available through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which Congress recently passed. It gives you money you can claim on your federal taxes to either pay less or get more money back. When you owe money to the federal government, your credit lowers the amount. If you file and earn a refund, the credit adds to that amount. You just need to buy and install Energy Star products to get a credit of up to 30% of the cost, or $600 maximum.


Wells Fargo occasionally runs promotions for those who apply for financing. You might find a deal where your credit functions as cash. This type of deal requires that you pay off your entire balance within a set promotional period, which might last for six months or a full year. You only pay interest on the amount you received if you still have a balance on the card when the promotional period ends.


How to Apply for Financing


You only need a few things to apply for financing:

  • A valid email address
  • Income information
  • A social security number (SSN)


If you have never had a Carrier credit card before, you need to apply as a new user. The company asks for your full name, current address, SSN (or Taxpayer Identification Number), home or mobile phone number, employer name, and your net annual income. Your net annual income includes the total amount you bring home after taxes and any other obligations you pay. It does not include any alimony or child support payments you receive. The financing application also allows those who are 21 or older to include income they have access to that doesn’t come from their jobs but helps them pay their living expenses.


Once you complete the application, you will get an answer within seconds. If you qualify, you will receive a new credit card at the address you listed when you applied. Wells Fargo will also issue a written response if you do not qualify to help you understand why. 


Other Options


Whether or not you qualify for financing through Wells Fargo, consider GreenSky’s financing options. One program offers you a fixed interest rate and 120 months to pay off your purchase. Another opportunity lets you borrow money for an HVAC system and avoid paying any interest as long as you pay off your balance within 12 months. GreenSky requires that you submit both your mobile phone number and a working email address to verify your identity before you can apply.


Another option that might appeal to you is a lease-to-own program. Carrier offers this program through authorized dealers and designed it for those with bad or poor credit who do not qualify for financing. You get the HVAC system you need installed in your home. Carrier applies your monthly payments to the purchase price of the system. Instead of buying it outright, you lease the system. If you default on your payments, Carrier can take back the system. When you make your final payment, you become the full owner. 


IT Landes works with Wells Fargo and GreenSky to help our clients get the financial help they need. Even if you don’t have enough money to pay for an HVAC unit, you can find a program that lets you pay it off in the future and have it installed today. Call our office to learn more about how you can apply for financing when you need a new HVAC unit or air conditioning system.


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