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happy 2024! home goal it landes home service teamAs we settle into the fresh start of a new year, many of us are thinking about goals and resolutions for ourselves, but have you considered goals for your home? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a cozy haven to escape the winter chill, or maybe you’re envisioning a more energy-efficient space that’s kind to your budget and the planet. 

Whatever your home goals for 2024 may be, IT Landes Home Service Team is here to help you achieve them! We’re passionate about creating comfortable, healthy, and sustainable homes for our customers, and we offer a wide range of services to make your vision a reality. 

Here are a few ways we can help you reach your home goals this year: 

  • Upgrade your HVAC system: Invest in a high-efficiency furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner to enjoy year-round comfort and significant energy savings. 
  • Enhance your indoor air quality: Breathe easier with air purifiers, allergen filtration systems, and proper ventilation solutions. 
  • Banish the clogs for good: Prevent pesty blockages by being mindful of what is thrown down the drain. Also schedule a drain clearing to ensure your pipes are running smoothly
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Keep your HVAC and plumbing system running smoothly and efficiently with routine tune-ups and inspections. Psst. IT Landes Home Service has a great membership program to keep your home well-maintained! 
  • Test your water: Ensure your water is low on chemicals and safe for you and your family to drink and use
  • Embrace water efficiency: From faucets to toilets, make sure you are using a water-saving option to ensure you are using the least amount of water. A leaky faucet might seem like a small drop, but it can waste gallons of water over time. Make sure all of your fixtures are working properly to save water!
  • Go smart: Embrace the future of home comfort with smart thermostats and other connected devices that let you control your climate from anywhere. 
  • Save money and energy: Take advantage of our special rebates and financing options to make home improvements more affordable. 

If any of these goals seem to fit your 2024 New Year’s resolution, call us today at 215-256-4221 or by scheduling online! 


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