2015 - IT Landes
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Using A Water Softener From IT Landes Can Keep Your Family Healthier And More Comfortable.

Choosing a Water Softener: The Basics

Choosing a Water Softener: The Basics The US Geological Survey calculates that 89.8% of American homes are supplied with hard water. Residential water softening systems, often called water softeners; remove calcium, magnesium and other hard minerals from water. Soft water…

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The Technicians At IT Landes Use A Personalized Service Approach In Order To Meet Your Expectations When Updating Your Residential Cooling System.

Updating your Residential Cooling System

Keeping your cool isn’t always easy, especially when your Residential Cooling System can’t take the heat. Outdated cooling systems can use up to 50% more energy to produce the same amount of cooling in comparison to more efficient models. Switching…

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