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Energy efficiency tips from IT Landes

The Efficiency of Electric Furnaces

It’s true that oil and gas furnaces are still very common in households today. After using them for decades without any major glitches, you may often wonder whether it is worth switching to an electric furnace. Are they efficient enough?…

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Furnace Maintenance in Harleysville, PA

Top 3 Furnace Problems and How to Fix Them

Few issues are more uncomfortable than having cold, sleepless nights during the winter season. It's one thing if you simply have to pull up the covers. But it's a whole different situation if a furnace malfunction is behind your chilly…

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Benefits of Bathroom Upgrades

Your bathroom is a place in your home where you want to feel comfortable. You also want the people who visit your home to feel comfortable. When the bathroom has problems or is just old, it's time to give it…

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