Winter Tips and Checklist from IT Landes Home Service Team

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HVAC Systems


  • Make sure that all leaf debris and snow are kept clear of your outdoor heat pump unit. This will enable the unit to run more efficiently and allow a technician to access it for service or preventive maintenance. 
  • Make sure the areas around all furnaces and air handlers are clear and easily accessible, so your system runs more efficiently and it’s accessible for service. 
  • Preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is also a good idea to prevent problems from occurring when you’re not there. A smart thermostat or wi-fi thermostat can also help you manage the temperature inside your home while you’re away, which can save you money on energy costs.


Plumbing Systems


  • Keep all gutters clear to prevent unwanted leaks along the gutter line. This also helps prevent ice buildup that can cause damage to your roof and to your outdoor unit when the ice breaks free.
  • If you have a second home that is not occupied year-round or you are away from home for the winter, consider having the plumbing of your vacant home winterized to protect your pipes from freezing while the plumbing is not in use. 


Fuel Systems


  • Make sure your fuel oil provider uses a fuel additive to prevent your oil from gelling in colder temperatures. Gelling can cause a waxy substance to build up on filters and in fuel lines, reducing flow rates and eventually causing furnace shutdown. IT Landes Home Service Team uses a fuel additive, so our fuel oil customers do not need to be concerned about this condition. 


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  • Consider purchasing a plumbing and/or HVAC preventive maintenance membership for your home. The cost of a plan typically covers routine inspection and basic maintenance for the designated system, and it should also include priority service in the event of an emergency. These plans are designed to keep your home’s major systems functioning efficiently and reliably while also giving you peace of mind knowing you’ll be taken care of if something goes wrong.
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