IT Landes Announces Upcoming Strategic Promotions

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Companies’ strategic growth initiatives bring about several promotions to augment leadership and business development  

Harleysville, PA (February 15, 2017) IT Landes Company, an employee-owned residential and commercial mechanical contractor serving Montgomery, Bucks, and the neighboring counties, has announced several upcoming strategic promotions for both IT Landes and HB McClure Company, a leading commercial and residential mechanical contractor headquartered in Harrisburg, PA.

Kyle Seaman, current Senior Vice President and General Manager of IT Landes, will move to the role of Senior Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for IT Landes. Seaman has added considerable value and expertise during his 20 years with IT Landes, and his drive to contribute to the success of the company has afforded him greater responsibilities in all aspects of the company. His main focus will be on developing new business opportunities, entrepreneurial endeavors, and overseeing all facets of the acquisition team. Seaman will fully transition into this role by July 1, 2017.

Kerrin Musselman will serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of IT Landes effective July 1, 2017. Musselman’s depth of knowledge and experience at IT Landes made this promotion an easy and logical choice, and the company is thrilled to continue experiencing great success under his leadership.

Korey Kann, who has 29 years of experience, will become Vice President of Consulting for the Technical Division of HB McClure. In this role, Kann will focus on the technical training of HB McClure’s learning management system, HB University, and will develop this content into a business. This technical training program will be sold nationally to other mechanical contractors.  Kann will also be on the acquisition integration team, which helps to communicate the ‘HB Way’ to new acquisitions.

Ken Albers will take on the role of Vice President of Consulting for HB McClure’s Davisware Division. In this position, Albers will consult with other companies regarding all aspects of Davisware. He will also assist the acquisition integration team with Davisware implementation. His 32 years of experience will be paramount in creating and selling this service to other mechanical contractors across the nation.

Adam Smith will become Vice President of Commercial Service for HB Central. Through his career, Smith has acquired experience, knowledge, and professional development instrumental to HB McClure. This promotion will give him the opportunity to lead HB McClure York and HB Central’s Commercial Service department while driving success for both.

“The strategic growth of IT Landes and HB McClure has given us the opportunity to promote and develop the leadership teams of both companies,” said Robert Whalen, President and CEO of IT Landes and HB McClure. ”We are both proud and excited for the continued success of these employees as they fill their new roles over next the few months.”

For more information about IT Landes or these upcoming strategic promotions, call 215-256-4221. To learn more about HB McClure Company, call 717-232-4328 or visit

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