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The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is essential to avoiding slow or clogged drains caused by food matter and other solids. While your garbage disposal might seem invincible, as it easily liquifies all types of food without a problem, there are certain things that you should never put down there. The following is a brief overview of things you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal.

Excess grease from cooked meat and other food should be collected in a jar or receptacle and thrown away rather than forced down your garbage disposal and drain. If you put it down, the grease will settle in the drain and drain lines, hardening and creating slow lines.

Your garbage disposal will not be able to grind up bones from your food. They could potentially damage the blades of your disposal or they will simply spin around any time the disposal is on. If you do happen to damage your garbage disposal with bones, the staff at IT Landes is always ready to assist homeowners in the Harleysville, PA, area. We offer effective, prompt garbage disposal repairs and replacement.

Coffee Grounds
This one often surprises people because coffee grounds are tiny and wouldn’t seem like they’d create much trouble for your garbage disposal or drain. However, coffee grounds can accumulate in your drain and start to build up a nasty sludge. They’re too small for your garbage disposal to address.

It might seem like the blades of your garbage disposal slice through eggshells with no problems, but all eggshells have an interior membrane that can tangle around blades and otherwise cause blockages inside your drains.

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