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Plumbing backflow in Mountgomery county, Pennsylvania

What Causes Backflow in Plumbing?

Backflow happens when the water comes out of one drainage pipe and goes back into the other. The hot water that usually goes out through a kitchen sink or bathtub drains back down and enters the cold water in a…

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Benefits of Bathroom Upgrades

Your bathroom is a place in your home where you want to feel comfortable. You also want the people who visit your home to feel comfortable. When the bathroom has problems or is just old, it's time to give it…

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What Should You Never Put Into a Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is essential to avoiding slow or clogged drains caused by food matter and other solids. While your garbage disposal might seem invincible, as it easily liquifies all types of food without a problem,…

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