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Broken Garbage Disposal? Call A Plumber!

A common plumbing call is for garbage disposal repairs and disposal replacements.

Overworked, overloaded and overused garbage disposals break down under excess use or because the wrong type of material is put in the disposal

The good news: Most garbage disposals will last many years.

The bad news: Broken garbage disposals are not always an easy project and often require assistance from a professional plumber.

First – NEVER EVER reach in to troubleshoot.

If a garbage disposal appears to be broken, check for a reset button underneath the unit (located under the sink). Check the breaker, and if the disposal still remains silent and still, it’s time for a new one. Some homeowners attempt to remove a broken garbage disposal themselves, which they soon find is quite a trying task. The intricate pipes underneath any sink can be a maze for a homeowner with no plumbing experience.

The following considerations should be evaluated when planning to replace an old or broken garbage disposal:

·      How frequently will the unit be used?

·      How will it connect to the dishwasher?

·      Are other features desired (such as quiet operation)?

·      Warranty terms are also a good thing to evaluate before selecting a new disposal.

What surprises some homeowners is that installation can be quite complex. Some people purchase a disposal at a local hardware store assuming the project is a simple remove/replace. This may not always be the case.

Best practice is to hire a professional plumber (many of whom can recommend brands based on specific uses). A professional is more likely to have both the plumbing and electrical expertise necessary to ensure safe, compliant installation.

Other safety considerations include never putting your hand down the garbage disposal. There are very sharp blades that spin around quickly to chop up food into tiny particles. If for any reason you need to reach into the garbage disposal to recover an object (e.g. fork or spoon) or because of a jam, only do so when you are certain that the entire unit is powered off to avoid serious injury.

Garbage disposals can become clogged very easily. If too much food or substance is shoved down the drain or if water isn’t run while the unit is turned on and food is being pushed down, it can back up the system and remain clogged. Any kind of non-food substance such as metal can severely damage the blades and result in a less efficient or altogether broken disposal.

Most chemicals like drain cleaners or germicides cannot be used for cleaning a garbage disposal as they may cause corrosion of the blades and lead to further damage.

Since 1914, the experienced professionals at IT Landes have provided dependable and affordable residential plumbing services throughout Harleysville, Souderton, Telford, Lansdale, Skippack PA and surrounding areas. When installing a new garbage disposal or repairing or replacing a broken one, trust our team to get the job done right. Give us a call at 215-256-4221 or request contact to learn more.

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